I realise I am someone who talks a lot! At school every report had the fatal lines ‘Gemma works hard but needs to try harder at being quiet in class and not distracting others with humour ..’

Fast forward 20 years and I’ve not changed a bit 😂. In fact I now find myself Vlogging and Blogging about life instead of leaning over a school chair and acting the class clown! 

I upload weekly ‘Mummy Moment’  videos on my YouTube channel, short videos of the calamities I find myself in whilst trying to be a positive parent! But each week I feel there’s always more! More moments that I want to share and laugh about .. Sure I’ve thought about daily Vlogging but as a child of the 80’s I certainly have commitment issues and such an idea sent me running for the duvet. 

So instead a blog, a little corner of the world where I can share my world as a mum, reluctant adult and serial waffler! 

Let’s go!