Baby’s first cold

11 months in and baby Leo has his first cold… I know, groundbreaking blogging stuff right here!

This week I came down with a nose cold.. The type of cold that squats in your nostrils and does nothing more than cause snot Avalanches and restricts vocal pronounciations of all words beginning with the letter ‘T’. 

So naturally on the day I start to feel (& sound) better, my boy wakes with a Snotzilla of a cold and one vivacious runny nose! 😩

I suspected he might catch it, heck I’d even thought about logistics of managing it .. Slanted bed at night, Calpol if he spikes a temperature, lots of cuddles if he needs more reassurance ..

What I didn’t foresee were the more basic realities of having a baby with a cold:

Controlling my gag reflex as a double stream of snot drips out his nose JUST as he buries his head in my lap 😷

The projectile snot that sneezes out of his little chest but disperses to great distances and speeds ..

The battle of wiping his nose as he instantly believes I’ve come to smother him and jerks in all directions to avoid me, mostly rubbing more snot around his face as he fights my tissue ambush.

The absolutely perilous task of breastfeeding a sneezy baby… This goes for me and him. I sneezed once this week just as he was drifting off to sleep, I could feel it tickling to come out and as I braced to reduce any movement that would wake him, I miscalculated his shock and his quickness to clamp his 4 gnashers down in surprise


Nap time has become a snorting no-no. Today the only way he’d nap for longer than 10minutes was lying on my chest. Somewhat heartfelt in that I knew this would be one of the last times he would really do this I indulged in the moment and sat snuggled on the sofa with him curled up on me..alas 2 hours in and I’d ran out of brew, my phone battery was at 3% and my bladder had doubled in size and my confidence in holding it any longer halved. 

I woke the snot monster to be greeted with a projectile sneeze that required anti-bac on my glasses and a full face wipe down. All the while praying to the bladder gods to just give me 2 more minutes. 

I did make it in case you’re waiting for the ‘I pissed my pants’ ending, I’m taking this achievement in bladder holding and clinging to it. 

So this week visitors have stopped and school kids cross the street to avoid walking past the germ house! 

I’m hoping Leo’s immune system fights a good fight and normal order will resume shortly, but for now my days are filled with wiping runny noses and trying not to gag when inevitably I get covered in snot! 




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