The many faces of baby!

Never did I quite anticipate the many faces my baby boy would pull in a day. 

Dependant on mood, time of day, nap quality or moon alignment my baby has a different face for each moment.

Here are my ramblings on a few so far ..

1. Morning face 

Quite possibly the cutest and most cuddly face this boy has ever gifted me at half 5 in the morning, this cute slightly disorientated face comes with a cockatoo bed head and puffy wide eyes and always, always a smile.. Don’t be fooled by the stretch and yawn, he has absolutely no intention of going back to sleep.

2. Poo face 

A cross between a smile and a wince (we’ve coined it the ‘smince’) this little belter comes with a throaty grunt and increasingly redder face as he purses lips together and briefly goes cross eyed as he ejects whatever foul monstrosity he’s been holding in for 24hours … Or worse 48! Usually this face is pulled from behind the sofa which is currently the venue of choice for poosplosion activity.

3. Tired, not tired face

Oh the ol’ rubbing tired eyes and grunting in frustration at everything and anything with an instant refusal to go down for a nap. Toys at this point are launched across rooms and on more than one occasion we’ve been hit with a slobbered on Igglepiggle. This face is particularly precarious when attempting to breastfeed as if timed incorrectly baby will bite and corrective surgery will be considered .. You’ve been warned!

4. Tired and ready for sleep face

How do we know ready to sleep face from ‘tired, not tired’? The cuddles .. Oh the beautiful cuddles, when for 5 blissful minutes he wants to snuggle into your arm pit and sit so sweetly you begin to flood with endorphins and resolve to kiss him to death every day of his life … Poor kid πŸ˜‚

5. Concentration face 

This one is reserved for the moments when light bulbs go off in babies brain. When realising that ball can fit into cup or boxes have insides full of new objects or the speciality of discovering fluff on the carpet. This face is some what pouty in expression and very serious as thoughts and connections are made. I.e. He probably thinks I should vacuum more! 😬

6. That don’t impress me much face

Reserved for when out and about meeting new people and Mum is over enthusiasticly encouraging baby to smile and interact with said new person who is also doing their utmost to communicate to baby with big smiles and open hands.. Needless to say baby develops resting bitch face and plays no part in the social banter, preferring to slump and stare with slight disgust, come annoyance at both parties. Riighhhht.

7. Tickle me stupid face 

Formerly known as bobble head giggles face! Eyes wince up, mouth chortles widely as his whole diaphragm giggles up and down at something seemingly unfunny to the untrained eye. Like saying the word ‘kangaroo’ or ‘bunny rabbit’. Having baby wet his pants (literally) at Flicking a kettle or opening a fridge door.. Yep he guffawed … A-lot! 

8. Fight the oppression face 

Mainly at nappy change this face hides behind a contented smile until the moment dirty nappy has left his butt cheeks when all of a sudden a break out attempt worthy of The Great Escape ensues. Arms and legs flail and face begins to scrunch as baby decides he no longer wishes to partake in nappy change and becomes angry if restrained in all his butt nakedness .. Inevitably he slips through my grasp and proceeds to crawl 3ft away to turn, sit up and pee on the rug .. Nice kid, nice.

9. Don’t stop me now face 

When mastering the freedom of movement such as crawling this face is full of wonder and squeals as he delights in crawling anywhere and everywhere looking thoroughly chuffed at the experience of going wherever he likes. Often high pitch screams of elation will escape like an excitable banshee set free from a cage. 

Coincidently this face also appears when watching ‘In the night garden’ at which point do not approach baby or mess with the remote. Period.

10. Deep sleep slobber face

Quite possibly my favourite of all the faces my baby pulls in a day is the one where totally submersed in a deep sleep, cheek squished up against mattress, lips askew and dribble escaping like a river rapid of saliva. Baby is asleep and not even the quiet sounds of catch up TV will wake the sleeping cherub. Bliss πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. 

What a marvel these little monsters are to watch everyday! How about you? Does your little munchkin have a face that no baby book ever dared to tell? Have I missed an important face or will a new face be just around the corner? 

For now I’ll just sit here watching face no.10 avoiding the clear need to put the vacuum round πŸ˜‚

Speak soon all! x

Mudpie Fridays

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