Happy Fathers Day! 

Today’s the day! Up and down the country Dads are waking up hopefully to cups of coffee, toast a card and perhaps even a box of chocs. The present side of this day is highly irrelevant as really the most important gift is that Dads are shown that they are loved .. And whether this is celebrated today or celebrated everyday .. Fathers truly are a wondrous kind. 

Raising children is tough, Mum’s are there to provide nursing, to gift the first feelings of comfort and security but Dads, oh boy are Dads the secret to exploring life! Dads are the yin to Mum’s yang, they show our precious lil’ones a life separate from mum, one for taking risks, exploring, loving others and play. 

Today we shall be giving Daddy extra hugs for loving us as he does. 

This year my partner became a father to 2 boys, I’ve watched this man parent for 9 years before we decided to bring Leo into the world. I watched him show love, play and laugh. Watched him get a 4 yo to eat broccoli and red ‘batman cabbage’. Get up every Saturday to take the boy to sports, spend 30 minutes explaining math homework and now I’ve watched him juggle a teething baby whilst continuing to do all the above. 

To all the Dads out there, enjoy! To my own Dad, I love you. 


Happy Fathers Day Ade .. 😘


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