Cycles of 3’s

Since the day Leo was born I have slept in cycles of 3hrs (minus the first few weeks where I slept barely at all!).

He has amazed me at his mechanical ability to rouse on the 3rd strike of every hour, rooting for a feed, cuddle and a change. He has always drifted back off to sleep with very little fuss, but sleep has been collected in pots of 3s from month 1 to month 7. 

I was prepared for this, my attitude to parenting comes from an innate belief that baby will lead the way, if he wakes he wakes, if he comfort feeds, so be it. I hear so many mothers declare that babies are only babies for such a short time and to cherish every minute because it won’t last long! So at 4am with eyes stinging and hair taking in a life of its own, I have nursed in the moment and tried not to let the broken sleep defeat me.

And then, last night …

7 months and 1 week old my baby settled down to sleep .. And slept, for 7hrs!! 😳 I woke to the usual sounds of a rooting baby but alas 7 hrs had passed and my chest was the size of footballs! In that moment I wanted to photo my Pamela Anderson impression, well until baby latched on one and the other gave out like a tire over spikes! 

So he fed, he rolled over and settled back to sleep and for the first time in 7 months I’d achieved 7hrs sleep! 

3 emotions hit me this morning

1. Sadness, in some small way these midnight moments that we have shared, just me and him are on their way out, soon to be a distant memory.

2. Chuffedness (real word i’m sure!), my baby is growing, he’s beginning to take on the character of a little boy ☺️.

3. Pain, as any breastfeeding mum will probably know all too well, when baby hasn’t drained these storage bags of milk, they swell.. And swell! In the day if particularly distracted or not overly keen to have a full feed I can express to relieve myself of that tingly, tight ‘about to blow’ feeling. Totally screwed if I’m asleep for the duration and wake up feeling what I can only imagine a stuffed Turkey on Christmas Day would feel like! .. This compounds a little as my baby still feeds ‘one at a time’ which means at 6:30 this morning I had diagonal boob syndrome (oO)

But to keep me on my toes and let me know that nothing really has changed and that he still needs me, Leo woke after another 3hr top up, crawled onto my chest and puked on me … What a darling! πŸ˜‚


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