Mummy Moments: Rhymetime

This week we ventured out to a baby class – rhymetime! 

Watch Mummy Moments Vlog: rhymetime here! 

For those not in the know, rhymetime is 30 minutes of group singing for parents/babies, covering all the greatest hits such as ‘wheels on the bus’, ‘row, row, your boat’ and my firm favourite ‘the grand old duke of york’. 

In our house this nursery rhyme was rewritten by my then 3yo stepson (now 10yo I may add!) to ‘the grandma duke of York, SHE had 10,000 men .. She marched them up to the top of hell and she threw them down again. Suffice to say we wet ourselves with laughter as he proudly stomped around the living room declaring the floozy like nature of grandma York! 

Anyhoo I digress, rhymetime! Held in our local library and free to attend, although I’m sure you need a child to accompany you as solo singers are most certainly frowned upon. 

We arrived early this week as on our first rhymetime outing I thought that arriving 5 minutes beforehand would be ample time, turns out this is NOT advised as we didn’t manage to get a coveted spot on the inner circle. Instead we had to join the ‘overflow’ seating at the back and spent the entire time singing to the back of a balding fathers head..delightful! 

So in plenty of time and now rather awkwardly making eye contact with parents and exchanging small talk, my child became quickly overwhelmed at the bustle of toddlers and colourful bookshelves penning us all in (Funny how in that moment of 15 jumping hoodlams I begin to notice how small and fragile my 7mo looks and how many germs must be circulating!). 

Soon enough we kicked off and I’m required to sing along to our beloved favourites. We manage 3 minutes of harmony before my best rendition of ‘baa baa black sheep’ is bought to an abrupt halt as I appear to sing the wrong words! Nursery rhymes since I was 5yo have gone through a revamp it seems and yet now no longer a child I missed the update memo, my singing after this became a little more reserved.. 

Leo must have sensed my awkwardness as after 10 minutes his attention had turned to feeding and he felt the need to nuzzle into my chest and flail about to indicate that he was hungry, we removed ourselves from the inner circle of bouncing kids and clambered around the corner to feed. In between gardening DIY and eat yourself well.. Apt for the moment! 

By the time we rejoined and had to barter a 5yo Princess Elsa for our spot back we had 10 minutes left and out came a box of musical instruments! We procured a lovely green jingle stick and the moment of pure pleasure on Leo’s face as he waved it around and bounced along as we sang made Rhymetime worth it! 

We did have a couple of moments where he thought I wasn’t looking and tried to get his new teeth round it but a couple of prompts and he just about understood the jingle stick was not a chew toy, I did see one kid use his blue jingle stick as a butt scratcher though so definitely not touching the blue jingle sticks next week! 

We sang happy birthday to princess Elsa to end the session and with that she took herself and a group of Mums/kids off to the cafe for tea and cake .. We weren’t invited exactly, I fear pushing her from the spot she pinched from us may have gotten us off to a poor start with the click but alas we had to retreat home because my grand plan of rhymetime and then weigh in for Leo failed as I realised we’d left his baby book at home πŸ™ˆ! 

Next week we shall go again and I will have the new song lyrics down and a bottle of antibac on hand should the butt scratching kid return! 

Happy singing! 


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